DOTT The Smart Dog Tag, Virtual Leash and Location Tracker


Brand: DOTT The Smart Dog Tag


  • “Best invention” by MSN money & “Best 5 Pet Gadgets You Should Buy” by TechnoNerd

  • Works better than microchip, any mobile phone can pick up the signal and no scanner is needed

  • App-Enabled Pet Collar Tag for iOS
  • Lost Pet Recovery: Digital lost pet broadcasts and active search functions are supplemented by 24/7 DOTT community network support

  • 360 Pet Care: Neighborhood alerts for heat, flood, and pet poisons. Track dog walks, potty breaks, medication, etc. to keep your pet healthy

  • No Subscription Fee– no activation fees / monthly fee.

  • Lightweight, water-resistant, Bluetooth, Wireless function

    Compatible with iPhone & iPad devices (iOS 9.3 or above) only


DOTT, the Smart Dog Tag, is the world's first custom-engraved smart dog tag.

Designed to give pet owners the peace of mind of knowing they can harness cutting-edge technology to prevent the loss of their pet and to relocate them should they go missing.

Download the companion app DOTTwalk on the app store for the full range of features. Compatible with iOS device (iOS 9.3 or above)

How It Works: 
  • Everyone in the area will get a lost pet alert when you report your pet lost
  • App keeps announcing your lost pet information and everyone can see your digital lost pet poster in our map until your pet is found
  • DOTT tag will keep sending signals and report it in social media
  • You can go search together with your family/ friends
  • Your family or any phone will pick up the signal. When DOTT enters the radius of someone with the app, it immediately notifies the owner of the pet’s location. You can grow the search network after it’s lost and get unlimited help.
  • In addition, anyone around will get an alert if a lost pet is detected nearby
If you have a DOTT, you can go actively search for your pets, and don’t need to wait till your dog pick up by someone and scanned in vet or shelters.

UPC: 658294198332

EAN: 0658294198332